Friday, February 29, 2008

Please stop overheating

My computer freaks out soooo much when I try to do the smallest things (like photoshop these two images: one of the first line etching on a copper plate, and then the print after lots more work was done on the plate). But maybe I'm like that, too. I'm still ramping down after being incensed by that man on the train, and taking comfort in people who are polite and civil. Case in point: last night in the studio, Takuji Hamanaka, the Japanese woodblock printing teacher came to talk to me and see my work. I had been freaking out about not being a traditional printmaker, and trying to invest more in my images. But he was really supportive of my print tests on knit paper, and interested in my other work as well.

I couldn't sleep last night b/c my head was swarming with ideas for more work. I'm going to trash my tunnel book version of a book I've been trying to engineer in my head, and re-configure it into a custom box. Tomorrow will be my studio at home day, and I'm really excited for the time, finally, to commit to it. To prepare, I indulged myself at the art supply store tonight in things like green tape and 0.9 lead, black ink and a brown pen. Though it takes so little to set me off, it also takes so little to please me.

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