Sunday, February 17, 2008

My hands can't stay still

After brunch with Yoonshin and her daughter today, I went to the printshop to finally attempt the scary task of printing onto my knitted paper. I'm better now at pacing myself, so I only spent a couple of hours there to do tests and went home (my usual pace is to force myself to stay in the studio for hours and hours and beat myself up if I don't come out w/tons of product). Last night, I made a binder for all my proofs and started my official digital log of my etching process. My OCD nature was greatly soothed by this activity.

The printed pieces were less interesting to me b/c I forgot that the knits would get completely squashed by the press. Flat knits that look like they've been run over by a truck are not interesting to me. But the ink that fell between the spaces on the guard paper behind the knit made interesting patterns. I also tested printing onto loose fibers. Now I have a lot to figure out before I hit the studio again on Tuesday. The most hilarious thing about doing this is that I'm working in a communal studio, so people are constantly dumbfounded by my experiments (I love when someone said, "oh, so you're really loose" when I said I didn't have a set plan for exactly how everything would look in the end). I don't understand the printmaking mentality yet, but have three months left of heavy exposure to help me figure it out. Either that, or the solvent fumes will take care of what's left up there.


  1. Is that 2nd photo the offprint or the original? I like it.
    It reminds me of the bricks.

  2. it's the original print on top of a bunch of pine yarn and a backing of handmade cotton/cattail from wyoming. i'll post offprints once i get more focused photos (i was too lazy to pull out the tripod last night).

    i know. i was trying really hard to stay away from the bricks but i guess there's still more to mine!


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