Saturday, November 07, 2020

Relief, and noise

Yesterday I held my in-person class remotely as a precaution. Since my students aren't all responsive to email (the only method we have of communication), one didn't respond to my notice, so I went to school in case they showed up. Turned out they were sick anyhow so I ran a remote class in the morning, had lunch, got a Covid test (again, precaution, though it was extremely difficult to find a location that would test me), and then drove home to finish remote class from there. By the time class ended, we found out that there were students who tested positive and the entire student body was asked to shelter in place this weekend. So even though HR told me I should not have gone remote, I am so glad that I did.
Last night I slept deeply enough to get up and start a billion loads of laundry for deep cleaning, and flipped my mattress. When my final load was in the dryer, two dear friends sent the good news and I cried out of sheer relief and for joy about Kamala. I went outside for a much needed walk, and came home to drink pickle juice because that's all I have to drink (and I love it). The colors are still gorgeous though many leaves have dropped, and I marveled at how many saplings have grown and how much this metro park has filled out after not that many years removed from being a golf course.
Today I missed home because I heard about the noise and celebration in the streets from loved ones. All I saw here was my next door neighbor taking her daughter out for a skipping walk. I have no idea how they vote but I like to think based on the timing, it was a victory walk. After weeks of cutting myself off from media outlets, I got back on to indulge a bit in the hubbub today. Here is more noise that I have added to the internet, an interview with Amy & Brien on Cut the Craft.

Next Thurs at 10:30am Eastern Time I'll give a free 20-min talk for the NJ Book Arts Symposium. And here are one and two posts about me for the Book/Print of Color Collective. This morning I got the negative test result and tonight I will be searching for cake.

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