Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Re-weaving us

I'm in the slog of data entry to thoroughly catalog my artwork in one place (aka a proper database) after years of putting off a better system than I have right now (separate files in at least three different programs to track art info, images, sales, annual production, and shows). I kept telling myself I'd do it and then I'd put it off, and now I have an excruciating number of pieces to inventory. I started this project earlier this year, going backwards from 2020. Last night I made it to 2016 artwork, and the current records are still not complete.

In the process, I've been looking for old images and finding others that remind me of how I go small when I am regrouping and trying to stay afloat (I've also learned that I used to travel A LOT, who is that person??). That would explain the tiny box stands I've been constructing for the past few weeks when other jobs are more pressing. The two brown ones above are from old paper I made in 2006 on a Nebraska farm, dyed with walnuts from the land. The other two are covered with lovely paper from birthday cards. I love recycling!

My friends continue their work and I am grateful: Chandler and Jessica created a wonderful broadside to celebrate the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as part of their Dead Feminists work. The original printing sold out before I could buy but they are responding to demand and printed a gold version. There are a few in black of the original edition and proceeds to both will go to organizations that support voter rights and democracy, especially now in Georgia. I love these ladies and the work they have done for years with so much skill, heart, and gusto.

Finally, tomorrow morning at 10:30am Eastern Time, I'll give a presentation of my book work for the NJ Book Arts Symposium. If you miss that, you can see me at the virtual opening of my show next weekend!

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