Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Final bit of teaching in Germany

Bark lace everywhere! I made this for Andrea.
 She wanted to learn to make paper at home, so we did.
 I unraveled this mat to prepare making a student sugeta for her.
This was all after we had a workshop at her studio with her colleagues.
I didn't intend to use bark at first but then we had so much from prepping for papermaking. It always deepens the experience of working with paper to work with the bark that makes it.
This was my desperate attempt to weave a bit (this was the smallest piece of wood I could find).
Back at home, Andrea's husband rigged a little press that worked great!
Of course I looked at Gutenberg bibles as we were just across the river from Mainz.
Backyard papermaking is always a treat.
After almost a month abroad, I packed up for the final time in Europe and flew to NYC. I had a photo shoot with Stefan, and this was the last piece I had made before I left home in early March.
After a few days with family and friends, I got home Sunday. Still jet lagged, and about to change time zones again: I lecture in Houston on Friday, and teach there on the weekend!

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