Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wiggle room

Diana took some fun pictures from Penland; I asked her to do this one because I don't have a lot of me working with Charity.
I like this one because all the students are pictured while also giving a realistic depiction of the fact that we were working in a construction zone. Here are all of the Penland pics!
While I was away, Stefan worked on a new batch of photos for me. Somehow in my packing of my art in an exhausted daze before I flew out early the following day, a dress got misplaced. But these made it to him in NYC!
These are ready for this weekend's show (which I still need to build shelving for...).
This is not exactly as I had planned, but I was down to the last minute on this, absolutely finished right before I packed to ship.
The medium ducks are much more rare than the large and small, so I was glad to replenish stock.
This skirt used to be a totally different color. After coming back faded from a show, I hit it with brazilwood and then indigo powder in funori. It was good to finally get a top for it.
Pants! There's one more not included here but I have so many website sections that it's hard to see; visit now that it's updated. I had a crazy recovery day or so after flying back late this weekend and then tried to relax yesterday for the birthday. Best gifts: a sunny fall day, cake from a dear local friend, a bone needle from a dear faraway friend, an afternoon nap! I have been very bad about scheduling enough time in between gigs but someday I'll figure it out.

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