Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Indiana to Chicago

I returned late last night from a road trip to Indiana for research interviews. So honored to stay with the Clarks of Twinrocker, and to visit Andrea and Jon of Hook Pottery Paper. I also saw the exquisite exhibit on Twinrocker and the incredible artwork made on their paper in Lafayette—highly recommended if you are able to visit! Now I have just enough time to do laundry before flying to Chicago on Friday for a whirlwind of hanji events, sponsored by Korean Consulate of Chicago & Hanji Society of Chicago, with many other hosts and supporters:

Nov 3: SAIC workshop (SAIC students only)
Nov 4: U of C lecture & workshop (12-5pm) - lecture open to public
Nov 5: UIC lecture & demo (6-8pm)
Nov 6: SAIC workshop (SAIC students only)
Nov 7: SAIC lecture (4:30pm) - open to public
Nov 8: U of C Dept of Visual Arts (U of C students only)

I got an avalanche of information over the last few days and won't have time to properly digest before I leave, but am so grateful to my generous hosts for helping me see and learn more accurately the shape of hand papermaking in this country.

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