Monday, June 18, 2018

Post-workshop, still sunny in Burnie

Burnie has a long paper history, and you can see the image up top of those huge paper rolls that still remain in this town.
This was my first group of intrepid beaters. Not sure you can see, but it was COLD and WINDY throughout. They were real troopers!
This was the papermaking area and we had six vats going in these built-in sinks. So much stainless, so fancy!
Boarding was on these lovely glass walls that encase more walls inside for their regular production drying.
Here are Jan Marinos and Pam Thorne, talking about their experiments with native Tasmanian fibers to see if any could substitute paper mulberry in our process. No luck, but LOTS of learning.
I was really impressed by all of their attempts and how hard they worked to see what was possible. They learned a lot about one particular native hemp that looks promising in other ways.
Darren ran the press for us and did so much other work that made our lives much easier. Very luxurious options for a paper studio!
This was day 2, with almost all of the sheets made on student sugetas that Neil Thorne had made—and then gave away at the end of class! The generosity of the hosts here has been incredible.
Of course, also lots and lots of dry work with hanji manipulation that everyone got into.
Stephanie was so focused throughout and later I found out that she had done an internship years ago at Dieu Donné! And her parents are from Ohio, though she grew up in Australia. It was fabulous to have such a big range of students and experience, with those who had made paper before to those who hadn't. Donna came all the way from New Zealand and shared beautiful Maori knowledge with me, including how they spin their native fibers to make 2-ply string, on their thighs. I even got to the studio yesterday to collect dry paper and find students telling me I was on the front page of the local paper. Yesterday was my free day and Lynne, president of Burnie Arts Council, took me on a magnificent tour of the coast, all the way to visit Jan in her home studio. I could do this forever. Alas, my flight leaves today for Melbourne! It has been a nearly perfect visit, and I hope the good juju will continue throughout.

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