Saturday, June 09, 2018

From here to China

My books are in China for a traveling show that opens on June 17 at 3pm at Qindao Tiantai Art Center in Qingdao. This show runs through August 10, and you can visit at No. 28 MiddleHeilongjiang Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao). Some of my best and very favorite books are over there.
This is my last work day to attempt a final good copy of this new book. AAAGGGHHH!!!
This is not even the final, it's the dummy that will help me get to the final (fingers crossed). Though I may need to nap first.
Still sorting final details out but it's feeling a lot better than yesterday.
Yesterday, I was really really worried. I'm pretty sure some of that hanji on the right side is still lodged in my printer somewhere. If I get this done, I can breathe easy for a second before the final packing / cleaning / travel prep. It would be a miracle, most especially given how much work has been done on my property in the last week+!! Time for the rejuvenating nap.

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