Monday, March 19, 2018

Chasing time

I can't believe the way that things have taken off in the last less than two months to transform my life. I'm in a big, big transition, or pivot point, or whatever. It means that I keep forgetting to do things and never get close to getting my to do lists done in a given week. But crunch time is approaching, with a dizzying number of applications coming due. Thank goodness I have the best photographer ever, so I can just mail art to him and have him shoot, and mail it back. I LOVE this new bundle of work. Pure delight, fun to make, and so satisfying to live with. There are a couple of new ducks, too.
Last week I went to Michigan, after a big schedule change threw me into a bit of a last-minute rush to change driving days, find a new place to sleep, and so on. I was in Ann Arbor to install this show.
They all have amazing natural light along a bank of windows with southern exposure (oh, poor natural dyes. I bet these will all get washed out by the time this exhibit ends in June).
It's in a hospital! Just west of the cafeteria.
Almost all of my best best work is in it, and I was glad to have a relatively easy and fast install. Open cases, arrange art, close cases.

I was able to see my publisher, visit my Albion friends, meet a new artist, and worry a lot about my current situation (it involves where I live). It was great to see everyone, though I wish I had more time with them. Meanwhile, I'm way behind on inventory even though I'm making ducks as fast as I can. They keep flying away to collectors and shows!

If you're in Ann Arbor, you can visit my exhibit through June 10.


one small stitch said...

the show looks fantastic and I love those new twirly pots. Hope that new transition is going well.

Velma Bolyard said...

twirly pots, indeed. i, too, love them.