Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Spot the squeegee

I haven't been taking pictures of anything but there are several things I did to help in this photo: measuring cups and spoons and funnels (in the shelving nearly at the top - the red and white behind it are cups), stainless work table with casters, four new big vats, and a new 24" broom to divert water to the drains (given the grit in the epoxy, the brooms work better than squeegees).
On this side, there's a new hose and nozzle, rust abatement and new coats of enamel paint on the black press, and a brand new hydraulic lift table! It has to get as high as that press, so it was tricky to find the double scissors in a somewhat affordable fashion. Now I just need to find strainers with holes as fine as the ones next to the drain.

Three days left! That includes video shoots each day and work each day and off-site work each day. Thankfully, the worst of the heatwave will hopefully be abating so I won't be a puddle of sweat the whole time. I haven't seen everyone, but I have seen more friends than I usually get to, including Jami! She had lots of wisdom for me, which will help steer my future. Very excited for that.

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