Wednesday, September 28, 2016

To the top of the mountain

This was the view from our condos in Vail over the weekend. It was hailing when Alta and I drove in from Denver, and then it rained, and up top it snowed a bit.
The gondola ride to the mountaintop was warm and the views gorgeous, of course. I know the yellow of the aspens turning was brilliant, but it made me miss oranges and reds of eastern autumns.
Our board retreat for Hand Papermaking was very intense but also wonderful. It's always a treat to have dedicated time with other papermakers and people who really care about the field. There is so much work to do going forward, but this was a good way to get motivated as we face lots of transition.
Last night, I was still exhausted from the travel and being behind on sleep/work, so I got my floating selvedges on and only wove about 3 inches before I called it a night. I'll be back today for fresher eyes!


Velma Bolyard said...

is the warp black or indigo...and white? a bit hard to read it in the photos. but it looks great and you've learned some secrets of warp finesses.

aimee said...

B&W warp, though I did do my filler in some leftover indigo yarn. I wanted to keep it simple but after four hours of weaving today realize that even then, it's not simple!