Tuesday, September 13, 2016

These days

I hate the feeling of so many half-or-less-than-half-finished projects going at once, but that's just what's happening right now. Sewing came to a screeching halt but I still intend to get it done within a month (I don't have a choice, since that's when I leave for Chile and need to have everything ready by then).
I tried to keep myself sane by starting a new fat duck. Instead of balancing admin with making, I tried to go 100% admin in the face of deadlines, and it made me very unhappy. So I went full force into this one.
Of course, now it's also on the back (or middle) burner as I get back to more admin, but I tried to be much more patient than I usually am.
Which means that it has nice curves and doesn't suddenly get smaller when I get impatient and want to cut away spokes. Imagine that! I also did a bunch of admin and was approved for fiscal sponsorship, so people can donate to me and write it off on their taxes.
Can you believe what I'm doing now to distract myself even further? Tonight was my first of a four-week weaving intro class. I wanted another chance because my first class years ago was so awful. This time, I'm going to have a proper cotton warp. Plus, we are learning completely different methods from the first time, so I get to try new methods in a beautiful space with great energy.

Also, the yucca is resting after the hot cook. Master juggling!


  1. you've tied your cross, and now you'r eon your way! and i think this is my favorite duck ever, can't wait to see her head!

  2. wooohoo for your warp and weaving of ALL kinds !!!!


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