Friday, June 10, 2016

Unexpected grief

A local acquaintance who was an amazing artist, businessperson, and community builder passed away almost a week ago and I've been blindsided by sadness. I wasn't very productive in visible ways, but made this wee one.
I also got to meet Adam Field in person after being email friends for years! He was a guest artist at Kent's Blossom Art program, and I was happy to visit campus when it was incredibly quiet. He's a wonderful potter and person who also spent intense time in Korea in apprenticeship. I'm glad we were finally able to connect.
Happily dismantling old art and sorting out papers for more and more and more dresses. I think I have about 25 now. Though 100 would be a great goal, I will only work until it's no longer fun. I wish I could hole away and make more this weekend, but it's my final workshop at the Morgan, so I'll be teaching hanji making instead. Let's see if I can hold it together.

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  1. holding is easy, being kind is not. you are fine and all will be well.


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