Monday, December 21, 2015


The Morgan has some paper at 188 Galerie in Manhattan. The plainest of the bunch with my shadow falling on it is our hanji. I saw them after taking a walk with Tatiana, after we had brunch with Lisa, last week. Rain, rain, rain, but the best catching up with friends that I have had in a while. I've been getting lots of acupuncture, really intense stuff—the kind that hurts the entire time, no napping at all. Fingers crossed that I'll get some relief from the ongoing back pain from the car accident (I really did not think it would go this long, but I also forget that thousands of pounds of metal and plastic ramming into you at a certain speed can't NOT do some damage).
To cheer me while I attempt to re-center and slow my pace, as 2016 is going to be another whirlwind, I bought this perfect straw shoe for myself! It was a couple of dollars at a library benefit sale and I had to have it. I am also reading light mystery for the first time, after three friends recommended the activity, and that has been wonderful. Today I go back for more treatment; the electric current is pretty strong and the needles are long. But I feel changes and see them, too.


  1. a shoe! and a little relief, soon, soon. remember, mysteries get solved (mostly) which is why, when they're well written, they are so satisfying. of course, life could be so tidy, if only...

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    hope the acupuncture works its magic, just have to remember that it takes time. Nothing but rain here too. Hope you have a relaxing, healing holiday.


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