Thursday, January 26, 2012

Digging in

I am not as brave or experienced as Jami, but I am surprisingly happy about being back in the muck of my manuscript, making hard edits. For my entire life, I have resisted and despised revision. Really and truly. But now, I am able to to face the mess and attempt to organize it. It is not as painful as I feared. At least, it's a very different kind of pain. Sometimes, when I get to a place where I have to make huge structural changes that will definitely cause big pieces to topple off the shelves and some shelves themselves to slide to the floor, I stand up and walk away. But then I come back. It's amazing. I come back!


  1. I love this post: what it says, where you are in the process. Yes.
    (And, here in Iowa, you have been mentioned more than once. I brought the hanji scarf, too).

  2. this with your precious baby, yes.


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