Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweaty work day

Done as of this morning! Some of it loosened up when I dunked it in kon'nyaku, but I'll glue it up once it's dry.

Covered in the corm starch and drying. That dried the fastest. Now, just to figure out what to turn it into.

The third accordion folder (cochineal dyed hanji on fusible cotton interfacing, sewn with pigmented green hanji thread). Now I've done three different kinds. All good for when you want to get rid of stuff laying around but have it be useful. Keeping it in the family of stuff, which I like to keep small, but the family keeps growing...

From outside to in! I brushed the goo onto the big hanji sheets against the patio door so they wouldn't blow away in the wind. Everything is dry enough to be back indoors, but I'm glad to have found the hook for a hanging plant from a prior tenant. If it was the smoker, she gets a grace point for making it possible to rig a line from the hook to the outdoor light. Which we never use. A mosquito bit me outside--it could probably smell me from afar.

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