Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Real exquisite

OMG! The most beautiful book showed up on top of the mailbox today. I saw the mailman, different from the usual carrier, as he struggled to figure out how to put the little square box in/on/around the mailbox. He finally closed the lid on top of the regular mail and balanced it on top. I knew what it was, so I ran out as soon as he left, and WHAT A GIFT. Velma is amazing! It is the perfect book, and perfect timing. I love being surrounded by books like this right now. Gratitude!


  1. I saw this treasure when velma posted it on her blog - lucky you!!

  2. SO lucky! beyond lucky! as you might imagine, it's more wonderful in person. i may even show it off to my students soon.

  3. i AM glad you like it.


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