Thursday, September 24, 2020

A lot of straw on this camel

Last Friday felt unbearable, losing RBG and the noise that ensued. I listened to a great interview of Hasan Minaj by Phoebe Robinson (video version here, audio here) about what college has turned into in this country. Aside from all the wisdom, he said that the world these days is too noisy. That was the most resonant part for me.
Last week I had a walking date with a friend, which is when we saw the bird and nest sculptures on someone's front lawn, and this apt sculpture on their side lawn, how things are feeling lately.
I haven't been as good about a regular schedule of rising, walking, exercises, and breakfast because it has gotten cold. Today I did get up and in and out of bed a few times before finally getting outside, even though it's a warmer day. I need to also water my lawn that is now full of clay and rocks. Yes, I fired my lawn guy (probably a couple years too late, but I'm bad with this kind of confrontation).
I've also gotten back to a frantic type of twining because of a show deadline. I was told very late in the timeline about what I was expected to show/not show and it has thrown me off. But I always get back on my feet.
At the farmers market I got these lovely cucamelons, which brought a little light in these dismal days.
In a long awaited attempt, I was very generous with myself and used a lot of my dyed cords for this new piece. As I was working, I felt like all I wanted to do is crawl into a hole and not emerge for a while.
So first I closed this "basket" because it's a joke, get it? What kind of basket has no entry?
Then I thought it might be too much for folks, they can't handle that. Nor should I be so fatalistic. So I went back and made a hole (not easy when you've cut away all of the cords early). No hole = sculpture (= lots of money). Hole = vessel (= less money because somehow it's functional). Making the most of the directives to only make and show new work!
Even better, a maker shared with me a video months ago that I really highly recommend, a Cree man making a canoe out of the trees. It's a much better use of an hour than reading the news, for me, at least.

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