Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Back to school

The fun is over and strangely enough upon my return home the weather acted like fall weather when returning to school, back when the planet wasn't so hot and we had gradual shifts into seasons. The picture above of how Korean women in Confucian culture had to stay unseen by men is pretty much how I feel about teaching at school in person. The anticipation anxiety was through the roof for a couple weeks and though we survived the first week, I still worry as it's only a matter of time before we get an outbreak or exposure or illness or any combination of the above.
The other looming large reality is the studio. I have so many misgivings about my choices now that they are manifesting in real life and no longer abstractions in my head. Now I see the consequence of having choices: taking responsibility for them. Still juggling what seems like more and more balls, but after tomorrow night one more thing will be done: artist talks for a group show I'm in. Register for a 7pm zoom session with four of us—I'll probably do a little jiseung demo.

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