Monday, February 24, 2020

Feb's paddling

I'm getting worse and worse at sticking with tasks and seeing them through because my attention span has gotten woefully short and there are too many tasks. This was something I had started last year as a teaching guide (I have to always make a piece identical to the one my student is doing to model the right stuff) and I decided to test a new lid for it.
The lid surface worked but I still need to finesse where it comes apart from the body of the basket. I also took the handle off of the striped bottom basket and took up the walls of another square bottomed piece. All of this was very satisfying.
This month was all about new ducks. The first two went immediately to a new married couple and a few more will go to homes soon. The rest was me playing with cords from last year's big dyeing and installation work, because I love to recycle my own work.
I leave very soon for my NYC teaching and seeing family, which is especially exciting as it has grown by one healthy baby niece. She arrived last week, another excuse for my already sad attention to be diverted from work. My printer also decided to die and the brake light in my car went on for a bit so there was a lot of that kind of time eating, but I tried to reclaim some of that today by making 80 cords and laying out a new how-to book on jiseung (this is my millionth stab at this book, let's see if it finally materializes!).

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