Monday, January 28, 2019

Small hands

I am embarrassed that I cooked this almost a week ago but haven't started to beat! I won't offer excuses but obviously really need to get downstairs to beat this week. New paper came in the mail from Paper Connection so I can do some dye tests (when will I get around to this? Don't ask). Half of the artwork in my show downtown has sold, so that's also a great way to start the week. I've been blazing through books, which is good (because reading is great) but questionable behavior (because I'm not sleeping much and not getting anything else done).
The most exciting the start of introducing jiseung to someone who is a quarter of my age! We started really easy, not even cutting down paper, just seeing if she could cord. She took to it as well as she swims (she is like a fish in water). I woke up paranoid today that she is going to fall into bad habits, but remember that I did the same when I started to learn.

Helen did a nice interview with me for her Paper Talk podcast. Take a listen!

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