Monday, December 17, 2018

Start stop start stop

For months and months, I had wanted to get this wee book done. All papers except for the endsheets are by Velma, who so generously supplied the stash for my last edition tip-ins. I managed to squeeze two editions out of the papers I had left.
I was not thrilled about the paper thread I ended up bridling the book with, but now I know better, and am aware that I should keep silk thread in inventory (rather than trying to always find ways to use it because it's so lovely to use).
That's the tape graveyard for the next book I worked on once the little ones were done.
I had made the book at Penland but wanted to add text. I work super low-tech and do a lot of literal cutting & pasting. I never did that well in advanced math because I did trial & error for everything.
In the end, it turned out not as well as I wanted, sadly! But now I know better (even though I knew better before I tipped in all the text: not a great idea to mix typefaces, and it has to be heavy enough to compete with the milkweed and kozo bits all over the pages.
Also, always test the prints on the actual paper before committing. This was a case of done over perfect. I wanted to have at least one more piece done before I left for the East Coast but I don't think it will happen, because of life (laundry, packing, etc.). I wish I could keep working but work and family responsibilities are crowing loudly. Boston on Wed, New York after that. The quiet end of year days are over!

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