Thursday, July 19, 2018

Triple booking

Today was show install for my new local exhibit at the Orange Art Center. It's the first time I think that I am using Korean words in the title that are not "hanji" so it kind of freaked out the spell check functions in their computers. It's a risk but seemed like a good idea at the time.
Emmalyn and Amalia were there to help the entire time and did a GREAT job hanging much of the show. Charity came over to help, and I felt super supported and grateful that I could hang back and let them do most of the work.
The entire show spans three rooms, and it was great in the end how well the sightlines work so that you can see work from one space to the next and it all pulls you through the gallery.
I felt a lot of deja vu to my Albion show when Tim and Pati came to help me hang the show (basically, Pati curated the entire thing and Tim hung it, because I was so delirious from not sleeping enough while teaching for a week in the woods). I didn't have a zillion pedestals to float in the main room today, but was perfectly content to let everyone else decide where things would go.
I had fun hanging that dress in the corner and using the monofilament guard line trick to keep it from spinning in a circle. It's always so satisfying to have the work out of my house and out in the world, with more space to breathe. It was my first load/unload/return while living in my new digs and I am over the moon to not have to climb so many stairs to load my car. This is easy to say when the weather is good and not raining (my garage is detached, so check back with me when the weather turns).
The final exciting news (for me only) is that I actually finished my book edition! I didn't think I would, but yesterday got revved up and printed the final three copies and glued up the spine pieces for three more covers. This is my pile through number 7, and 8, 9, and 10 were born tonight. Just in time to sleep and get up early tomorrow to see the doctor, PT, and mechanic. Back to body maintenance after an unfortunate taxi crash (I am okay but it definitely messed with me—all I was doing was sitting in the back seat of a taxi after flying around the world), and car maintenance to make sure it is ready to drive east this weekend to teach hanji in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of NYS.

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