Thursday, December 07, 2017

This year's last show, teaching, and driving

My Kalamazoo show and opening went well, though I was of course so tired from all the prep that I found every chance I could to lean on tables instead of standing on the floor. It's the best not having to hang and take down shows. This one is up through the first week of January.
The workshops were also great, and wonderfully low-key. It's such a luxury to have good, calm, happy students. Shawn made the trip again all the way from Chicago to take my hanji making class! Friends are so nice and generous. 
On the way home, I spent one last night in Concord. I photographed more of Tim's tools. He had offered earlier to slide the insulated wood closed over the windows for better shots, but I love the view of the trees too much to do that. Though I was impressed by those extra 'doors' that slide right over the windows to keep out cold at night and in the winter. Everything is elegant and simple and made well here. An excellent goal for all of us!

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