Monday, November 20, 2017

Changes again

I've lost track of time completely! My residency is over, though I have one more Michigan trip next week before the year ends. Which must be why I still feel like I'm in between places. My last batch of hanji used Japanese gampi that required A LOT of cleaning.
Three days of cleaning! Which made me so impatient that I didn't beat for long enough, and underestimated the stubbornness of the tough strands. That last batch of paper contained a huge learning curve and tons of surprises and I am grateful for all of it.
I also had a last minute Dye Something Messy Already moment, which led to last minute orders of tannin and mordant, for more brazilwood fun.
I came home with wonderful gifts of prints. This is from Batoul, a hardworking and inspired student. She's learning all kinds of wonderful techniques in her printmaking class with Anne.
And a treasure from Pati! Milkweed print on milkweed hanji. I have another version on uncleaned milkweed hanji. Getting packed and back home with many other stops in the Ann Arbor vicinity and then unpacked was all quite energy consuming but the big items are now finally out of my car and my home doesn't look so much like a disaster zone. Just in time to pack again for next week's Kalamazoo gigs!

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