Monday, October 09, 2017

Whizzing back and forth

I've only taken one solo walk on the trails since going out with the Nature Center director to look for milkweed. My bad, but hopefully I'll get back out again soon.
Tried to embed this in hanji, and technically everything went okay except that the watercolor used for the clothing bled into the rest of the post. Also, no one is convinced that the clothes should be trapped in paper.
A new one.
Instead of using water bottles filled part way, the scraps of pond liner from the vat work great to dry the bal with slight weights (evens it out).
Started this for the auction coming up at the end of Oct at the GBW Standards of Excellence meeting.
A very fun experiment!
The next experiment (something I've wanted to do for a while): start with a circular base but go slightly square.

Done this morning!
My social life this week was very very busy. Lots of driving to nearby cities (each about an hour away, either east or west). I did Ann Arbor mid-week and had a great time. Friday, Tim and Pati drove us to Kalamazoo to see Shawn's opening at the book arts center. We saw one of Tim's old moulds, in great shape! Made in 1995.
Shawn's show was fabulous and showed all different steps of making some of his books, especially the trade edition of Welcome to the Neighborwood.
Because I don't get to see him enough, I drove back on Sunday to take his fall blooms class. SO FUN.

Black eyed Susan! That was just the first of five.
I was really tired by the end but so pleased. Always take class with him if you can!
The pro: part of his show in Kalamazoo right now.
Learn more about Shawn here. Today in my paranoia about a tooth, I decided to rush home to see the dentist. Rush isn't quite right, as it's almost 4 hours to get home, but I trust my dentist and there's no other way to get there in time for an early morning appointment. Time to get back to the house and pack for a quick break from Michigan.

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