Monday, May 29, 2017

About face

Everything has turned upside down again for a moment. Before I left town, I took a gift from Therese and made pea flower ice cubes so that when I return (and I assume it will be HOT then and I'll want iced water) I have a little party waiting for me.
Pam had told me about a beautiful show at the art museum that showed work by Atelier 17 artists. So much inspiration! This is a print of a wire sculpture on handmade paper by Claire Falkenstein. I wanted to find out who made the paper but didn't have time before I left to really go into it.
Apparently this is the only known sculpture that she used for printing that is still extant.
I've been in NYC for the past week helping out Dieu Donné with outfitting their studios more completely. And next week there will be a studio warming party on June 7! RSVP's necessary (because we have to send you visitor passes to access to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where the org now lives).
I'm spending my days trying to get quotes and bids and do research on all kinds of studio equipment, from basic (buckets, strainers) to fancy (hydraulic lifts, beaters). There is also another major project in the works so my days are full!


Velma Bolyard said...

wow. exhausting and wonderful.

Therese said...

omg, aimee....brilliant ice cube idea...