Monday, April 10, 2017

Cleats conquered

I landed in Atlanta last night and slept HARD before today's first day of install. This is a big show, lots of work, but it's also at a museum that has so many resources. I am dying to get the show hung just so I can spend the rest of my time looking at their collection. WOW. See those two panels in the corner? They were the first ones I hung to practice doing this with French cleats.
I was daunted at first, but lined these all up: nine panels about how to make hanji. And then did lots of measuring to get started. Since it was an odd number, it was easy to start with the middle one to hang. I was slow and confused at first but eventually figured out exactly what I needed to do and which extra steps I could drop.
After lunch, I came back and hung the rest so quickly! Then, because I was alone, I went over to the other wall with six panels that contrast my color photos from the 2000s and Dard Hunter's black and white photos from the 1930s. I designed 17 panels in all and it's so nice to see them in this form. I've wanted to do a show like this for YEARS.
I knew that the person helping me hang these was not as into the task as I had gotten, so I hung the last four, whee! We moved tables and cases and all kinds of things to try and clear out the front gallery. Tomorrow we'll get help installing the TV screens for the videos, and then I can commit to where the art on those walls goes. We'll pull out the big hanji bal and balteul from Dard Hunter's visit 84 years ago, which will be VERY exciting to see. And then there's the entire back room to install as well. Fortunately, we budgeted a nice window of time to do this so I'm optimistic.

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  1. oh, geez......I really want to see this in person !!!!!


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