Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Whoa like we're riding

I want the horse to slow down! This is Stefan's shot, much better than mine. I was supposed to be back home today (as of yesterday) but got so horrifically sick over the holiday that I had to change my flight. This has never happened: two different illnesses in the span of a month, over holidays, causing major travel/work disruption, and making me question why I'm so susceptible.

Then again, even the hardiest of us have moments. Our beloved Bridget of Cave Paper has suffered from a staph infection but is out of surgery and back home. As soon as the paper community got wind, they stepped up, and now the book community is in on the action. I am gratified to see how well we take care of each other. Some wonderful things never change about human nature!

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  1. stefan is a wizard to show off your exquisite work so beautifully.


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