Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Pieces of peace

Tonight was our last weaving class and my piece came off the loom! Up close is the part where I used paper thread for the weft. The rest beyond that is what we learned.
I had my final appointment with a new specialist to get the last opinion about my health concern that was first diagnosed almost two years ago in Korea. A huge source of stress, emotional pain, and panic has run its course. It was so good to hear that I'm fine and don't have to do anything drastic. A friend said it has been weighing so heavily on me that it will take a while for the calm to sink in and the bad stuff to unravel. In the meantime, I've been treating myself to lots of goodies.
Tonight I knew I'd be able to finish my scarf, though I'm still not very good at basket weave. All I want to do is beat hard, so it's really not the best thing for me.
But once I was done, I had such fun ahead! I brought all sorts of paper thread that I've had laying around for years, and wove it all in. This made me very happy. Perfect timing!


  1. yayYAYyay, i didn't know you'd tried paper thread! but of course you did.

  2. the paper thread is wonder-full, now you can think up all sorts of weaving projects to use with paper.


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