Friday, August 05, 2016

Haystack Part Two, belated

I've been out and about every single day and night, so I can't even keep up on what happened weeks ago! Haystack has already zoomed out of focus, but here's an attempt to grab it by the tail. Back on the papermaking deck.
Seaweed inclusions in abaca
 Calligraphy ink on bark lace
 Katie with her heavily joomchied hanji
 Peggy got cord making immediately!
 Michele collected, donated, and chopped avocado seeds for dye
 Jona's station, with brazilwood-dyed hanji and lots of other goodies
 Michele had this lichen form cut at the Fab Lab
 I love Peggy's handwriting—these are her dye samples
 Saturday night, lobster picnic, always
 Jona holds her dyed hanji, Susan admires
 Susan couching paper
 I dyed two bundles of hanji cords with brazilwood
 Sunsets, beautiful, always
 The teaching board grows
 Sunset from a boat
 SEALS from a boat!! If it wasn't so loud, we could have gotten closer
 Jona is such a pro, though I have found the Icelandic artists at Haystack to always be wonderful.
 Mary Ellen was busy making these for all of us with bark lace
 My dye sample sheet in progress
 Lauren cast lots of birds and lace
 Mary Ellen made this topographical map out of paper using the Fab Lab (more on that later)
 Katie's nighttime production: suminagashi on kozo
 I tried to finish the last of the pulp so that the vats were empty so things got crazy at the end
Jona's thread tearing was very popular! More to come.


  1. wonderful class, i love how these become totally their own, different for those before.

  2. Brazilwood dye is so pretty! I love that purple, too. What is it?

    1. the purple paper is just pigment, not dye. but still fun! my students came up with that on their own, mixing colors.


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