Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Unwilling to pack

In all of my planning and thinking about the travel ahead of me for the next year and a half, which includes multiple continents and far flung states, I realize that the weariness I feel is around the process of packing and unpacking. I used to pride myself on the ability to pack well, which is still the case. But these days I don't enjoy it, probably because I like being at home and because I do it so much.
[There are three more dresses on the side wall on the right that you can't see.] I keep making these in this desperate grasping I always have right before I travel, as if these are the last days of my life that I'll get to make things. In this case, it's probably true, since my website update has shown me that it's broken so I have to do a massive redesign (LONG overdue). There goes my summer.

That said, I did get good news today from my PT: no more PT necessary!

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