Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiny town inspiration

A bird that flew into the Morgan this past weekend during the midwest chapter meeting of book folks. It flew into a window trying to get out but eventually found a real opening. It was great to see old friends and colleagues and meet new folks in between scrubbing buckets, buying myself pastries almost daily, and the usual trying to stay on top of work.
Today, I took Pam to Oberlin to see the senior show of two of my students from my papermaking class. She had seen Sarah Rose's two pieces in the Morgan's current juried show and wanted to see more. What a treat! These are pieces of hanji that she had learned to joomchi from me, hanji that I usually use for weaving.
Upon closer inspection: lots of embroidery.
Here, too, but a little more subtle.
Lots of different kinds of stitching.
This was her biggest series and I wish she was standing next to it for scale. They're all made of paper that starts the size of the far left sheet (waxed and burned), and then treated with various dyes and inks and wax and knives and so on. If anyone wants life-sized paper art, it's all available for sale.

I need to figure out better settings for my camera phone; the colors and details are washed out, but you see the work.

This is a series of smaller pieces, which also include printing processes.
I think this series was my favorite (and silly me, I forgot to shoot all of them along the wall).
Sewn 'bad sheets' from learning to make paper with me.

Jana is on the left, Sarah Rose on the right. Jana's photography is on the wall behind them, but I didn't shoot it because I learned back in fifth grade that I am piss poor at photographing photographs. She also has serial work and I loved especially the clovers strewn on a table as well as big sheets of paper she hung in the windows that show up in nearly every photo. Both are graduating next month (and First Lady Michelle Obama will be speaking at commencement!) and already have the perfect summer internships lined up at photography and papermaking centers in New York. So proud of them!

Afterwards, we walked through the art museum, got gorgeous gampi paper from Ginko, and had lunch next door. It was super windy but sunny, and the perfect day to have the outing. For the last two days, I had been showing Andrew Bae around Cleveland, and the few days before that involved work and play with midwestern friends, so I already feel like it's Friday! But it's not, so it's time to get back to the grind.


Velma Bolyard said...

what a treat when i enlarged sarah rose's work! such lovely work, aimee, i'm glad you are connected to her and her work--more amazing paper and stitch.

therese said...

sarah rose's paper work is full of soul...especially love the ones that started from "bad sheets".....ha ! no such thing as a bad sheet of paper...EVER.