Tuesday, December 02, 2014

In a flash

There is still so much overload going on for me, too much intake, not enough down time, barely able to process. But I wanted to at least say hi and I'm already back in Seoul after a long weekend in Jeju, on the heels of Japan. These mandarins were so plentiful...at church. I have to do the church thing to see people (and eat). Not the most fun but I grew up going to mass so this isn't as bad (aside from having to stand up in front of everyone because I was new).
I met a teddy bear artist who has a sweet little cafe across from her studio/gallery. I liked her so much! And of course came home with a teddy bear. I'm not at all a stuffed animal person but I couldn't resist.
Master persimmon dyer Yang Soon-ja, the main reason for my visit to Jeju. I saw my joomchi teacher, too, but she is now 91 and doesn't remember a thing. Sad, but I'm glad I was at least able to say hello.
Can you tell I used a zillion types of hanji (offcuts) to make this duck? Obvious after we dyed it with Korean persimmon juice (which is green). It's still drying; was wet on the bus/plane/train home.
Today, after not enough flight recovery time, I rushed to meet a master lacquer artist and his family (plus apprentice at far right). They fly to Denver on Dec 15. Before that, they will lacquer my teapot!!! More about them later.
I saw my calligraphy teacher's exhibit, closing tomorrow, which is mostly sold out. I bought his new book, which quotes my book but with a Korean translation. I think this is the first time I've seen my words not only quoted, but translated! Funny, too, as I had to translate what he said in Korean back to English and then they went from the English to the Korean.

I know I am making zero sense right now. But am hoping in the next few days to catch up on seeing friends, sleeping, properly documenting, and processing field work. How is it already December? The clock is ticking loudly.

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