Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pushing through molasses

[Barens are so expensive. Here I am, trying to rig something on my own. Likely failure, but I can't not try.] It's hard to keep the energy up now that the furor of "holiday" season is bearing down. I'm in what I hope is the last 'hardest' part of the writing, but it's slo o o o o ow. I did get to go over some simple bindings today with Terttu that made me wonder what it would be like to teach private lessons in books. Would it be less stressful than teaching private lessons in violin? Probably.


  1. holidays seem to be about distraction. but i like to have them simple, to go deep.
    i hope your baren works. i applaud you building one. and i think you are a wonderful teacher. so there! (maybe book teaching is less stressful because you love it more?)

  2. you are so kind to me. thank you!

    as for stressful teaching, i think it felt that way b/c teaching violin was when i was in my 20s, even more high strung (on a high-strung instrument!), and highly insecure about my ability to teach anything. it was such a physical thing and i had to *sound* nice. on the violin, i mean. oh, and none of my students were older than 15. :)


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