Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year-end organization and surprises

[Welcome to Montreal's Chinatown!] I finally got most of my hanji videos in one place. I don't know why this took so long. But I am learning that as organized and on top of it a person can be, it doesn't really matter b/c TIME is so crucial to getting enough perspective and energy and wherewithal to properly tell a story.

Also, I had worked on an article for Fulbright and they published it on their applicant blog (though I only just found it today when I thought, "hm, have they done anything with that revision yet?"). Here it is! Maybe soon I'll get motivated enough to pick the right photos to un-privatize on flickr so you can see the jiseung story (hanji weaving).


  1. Aimee, I had no idea this Fulbright blog even existed and also didn't know the story you told in your article. I enjoyed it -- very well written. ^-^

  2. thanks!

    i know...there is so much random stuff out there that fb puts out, it's kind of mind-boggling.

  3. a wonderful article, aimee.


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