Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gerbil brain

These are my favorite pieces from the Frank Lloyd Wright house at Oberlin.

I'm spinning. I might have a show abroad and one in the Great Plains next year but not sure yet. Really annoying news: my res site won't be ready for me in January. "How about May?" How about May?? Are you joking? I decided not to take a job b/c of that res! I really hope a few others work out in the interim, b/c I am ITCHING to make new work. Oh, and the hilarious news: apparently, I have been assigned the task of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for five. Super.

Work has been killer, but I'm surviving. Today, I was delighted to be back on a board shears (it's been over 6 months!) and was SO happy that I still had my chops. Plus, the construction people were playing hilarious Polish music outdoors, which made up for being soaked by the morning downpour. I got new striped socks and a fun pair of leggings (w/only the legs) from Cindy last night, so now I'm set for colder weather.

What else?

1. I am considering a last minute photo shoot for my knit halter
2. I am considering sending DV tapes to my Chicago editor to cut a January performance, w/o even viewing the tapes myself
3. I am considering knitting lots of plastic bags
4. I am considering NOT sending xmas cards this year
5. I discovered how to survive rush hour (hint: let everyone else do the work for you)
6. My iPod died on me this morning but never fear! Kanye will rock my Friday. I insist.


Anonymous said...

So: what are you going to cook?

~She Who Will Buy Pies

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to say: I had a similar experience w/ a residency; they scheduled me for the only unavailable month I had, b/c I had already committed to another residency. Couldn't change it, but I WAS able to move the first residency, but it got convoluted...and also puts me in Vermont in January.
Hope you find a way to get to your work...

aimee said...

HAHAA! you'll love this: mom said that i was stressing her out too much w/my dinner planning, so she is taking it away from me and doing it again. urgh. this could be both good and bad. i'll keep you posted (and everyone agrees: buy the pies!).