Friday, September 28, 2007

All ends are burning

I finally caught on fire today. This was my brilliant idea of pressing long sheets. They slid to the bottom when I was setting up the tripod. But they survived.

I carved these out of potatoes. Good god, did I do that TODAY?? See? I can't even remember doing it today but I'm pretty sure I did. If I think really hard...I've lost all sense of time. It's a temporary alphabet for a very specific text. You'll see the answers tomorrow.

Jacklyn's snake got a hat courtesy of Chris. Isn't it swell? I did crazy amounts of potato stamping after making paper. Which I did after going to town. Where I got a few more things to start my fast this weekend.

I had to run after flyaway paper today. Belinda watched as I ran across the lot whenever I saw something that looked like paper in the distance. Tonight, I made keepsakes: a set of paper samples, personalized with names and icons I made for each resident. I'll give them out next week when we do a presentation to the community in downtown Sheridan. Props to Jami for telling me last year that giving has a lot to do with my artwork and process. I still don't get it, but whatever works, right?

And, Terttu posted one of the portraits she took of me and little sis!


  1. yea for potato prints! so fun. i wish i could come and make potato prints all day and hang out and lie around and eat and do nothing.

  2. You caught on *fire*? Aimee! Be careful out there in Wyoming.

    I love the potato cutouts. Did you eventually eat them? They look like they'd make great fries.

  3. hahaa. no open flames, don't worry. besides the one on the grill.

    no! the potato i used was green, so poisonous. but they actually smelled good today, a day later. but they're covered in ink. so it's not a good idea to eat them. they're black now. i mean from shriveling up.


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