Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Install: Day 1

So the way it works is that I'm hanging this whole sucker, so this is me tweaking it as I hang more and more pieces. They're glued in sections of a foot tall and 4-6 bricks wide, and then interlock sideways w/velcro and attach top and bottom w/velcro. Then there's monofilament running through each section, usually two lines, where I've had to pierce as straight as possible, glue tyvek onto to reinforce, re-pierce, and thread through and anchor on both ends w/buttons.

Then there's me being a HUGE ladder hog. I had the 14' one in the morning but had to move it out after we got six canisters in the track, b/c otherwise we'd never get it out once I kept building down. I kept that outside of the wall so I could work on it from outside, and then dragged the 12' one inside. Then the tiny 6' one just for shorter things and for balancing against things. And Melissa got me her 8' gold-painted one that is hanging out in the space but not in the photo.

Okay, I was going to post more but now I'm so tired I could die. My feet are killing me from so much ladder work. I put in almost a 14-hr day. Thank god for my helpers: Robert, AJ, and Nathalie. They were really good about me being really bad at delegating. The whole thing is up (except the part I took down and will re-do) and now I'm tweaking. Much more to do...stay tuned!


  1. Erm, I didn't know you gotta install the whole thing yrself! Yowza. It looks seriously awesome in the pics, bet it's way cooler in person with lighting and stuff.

    What happens when yr done?

  2. mmm, i think i just pass out (after entertaining my mom and sis over the weekend), and go back to yoga and try and get a serious massage or ten.

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I took one of those pics. does that mean im famous by association?

  4. well, if i was FAMOUS, i'd say yes.

    sudha, i realized this a.m. - who else would install this craziness for me? you make yr bed and sleep in it.

  5. ohh, the yoga and massages sound rad. am gonna be so happy for you to enjoy some pampering!

    keep up the good work.

  6. yeah, right. i doubt i'll get more than one massage. can't afford more than that. but i can't do it now or i'll get massively sore. at this point, there are so many toxins running around inside of me that i'd be totally out of commission for the opening.


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