Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprises at every turn

These are the strips of hanji I had cut down on Friday morning. Each strip had been twice as wide but I decided to reduce width to have a thinner, more elegant cord. But cutting this thin by hand w/a paper knife is not something I like to do often. Thank goodness that part of it is over.

I did a lazy morning plus laundry and when I finally got ready for an afternoon walk, I got the rudest surprise when I saw what looked like shit on alternating stairs (they are carpeted). Indeed, I had inadvertently stepped in shit at some point this weekend and only found out as I tracked it around the house. AGH. People are very bad at cleaning up after their dogs here, which was not fun to experience first hand. I rushed to the studio to drop off these fabulous pieces from Amber's kids and pick up knitting needles, a pencil, and my sketchbook. I was rushing out but then saw someone at the computer and met Dierdre, who was trained as a painter but does sculpture, installation, and performance (which she all considers painting). She had some great advice and insights and she works at the gallery down the way so hopefully I'll see more of her very soon. Outside, we met Alastair, who has been a longtime member of Flax and is a renowned performance artist, originally from Scotland, trained in Chicago, and based in Belfast but works internationally. We talked about the danger of getting "branded" as a certain kind of artist making a visual hook, and he was very sweet and gave me some ideas for other people/places to check out in the city. Lisa came down, too, and after seeing her site, I want to check out her studio (it's across from mine, in the corner)--I will have to be more aggressive since she seems a little shy.

Even though I got a late start to the day, I was determined to meet half of my goal, which was to walk to South Belfast, through the Botanic Gardens, across the river, through Ormeau Park, and back home (the other half was to find a cafe and do some work, but the shit foiled me. Plus it was nicer to meet the artists at the studio). I managed to follow the route Fiona showed me through the park but got a little turned around in the neighborhood. But I made it home and am ready to prep for my meeting tomorrow morning. As for this: the Belfast Wheel really is leaving! How weird and kind of sad.

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