Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting to groove

I enjoyed meeting Peter at PS squared and seeing the brand-new installation there done by one of the graduate residents at Flax. I had gone in having both hope and fear about exhibiting there at the end of my stay, but it probably won't happen until well after I have left this residency. Which was a relief: the thought of being here and producing a show would have set me over the edge.

He asked all these questions that almost stumped me because of their simplicity ("what does your work look like?") and we talked about ALL sorts of things, but all circling back to my process. I had forgotten that the way I work is not the way everyone else works, nor is it a given that I will always work this way. I am a traveling artist--I work on the road, and don't have a home studio. This means a lot of things, and one given for me is that I always consider my site before, during, and after my stay: its location in the world, its history, its connections to things that I already care about. Beyond the research I do (which I have come to LOVE doing), I always bring things to keep my hands busy, since my hands do a lot of thinking for me--or at least distract me enough to think. And after all that "hatching" (as Velma puts it), the work comes.

I also hung out with Lisa in her studio and saw her fabulous work and talked about LOTS. I like that her vision and aesthetic are clear and consistent, and how dedicated she is to her studio practice. She even offered for me to use her little tabletop platen press if I need. It is astonishing all of the treasures people have here. I did sketchbook work, fascinated by how Peter had seen my paper in a way I had never considered it--which is why it is so important to interact with new people, new eyes. I also wove and wound the skein of silk-covered paper yarn that Amber had sent to me into a ball. On my way out, I bumped into Deirdre and her performance artist friend Kristof, who walked w/me back to City Hall. Todays treats: riding the bus to and from downtown, a mini apple pie, a brownie, and groceries. I think I'm finally getting the hang of living here, w/o all the drama.


Velma Bolyard said...

silk covered paper??? yummy. i've never seen that before.

amber said...

i had no clue you even had a blog.