Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off day

When I saw these during my first week here, I thought they were really trees that the botanic gardens had somehow forced to grow like this and thought it was a terrible thing to do.

But today I finally walked through them and realized they're NOT trees, or wood, at all!!

I had gone on a walk this afternoon to shake some depression and went to the Ulster Museum for my third visit, this time to force myself to walk into, and stay at, a video by Willie Doherty called "Ghost Story." I had stepped in twice before but it was so dark I was afraid I'd walk right into someone or something AND it was creepy so I hadn't lasted long.

But Fiona had recommended it, so I went. It's looped seamlessly and disturbing: both very obviously and very subtly. It is beautiful in some ways, but mostly haunting and sad. Especially the part where the narrator questions if the earth soaks in the dead (during military massacres) or if somehow the landscape becomes charged in places where people have died, so that people in the future can sense such tragedy.

Near here, four benches are dedicated to four people. Three are women (one is a Martha Graham namesake) and one is a man. I should say, "was," since they have all passed.

I have no idea what this game is but that was going on here while over in another part of the park, actors in black were doing some kind of outdoor performance. I tried a new exit and route out, and happened upon Deirdre and a bunch of kids, and then kept walking.

Some of the housing areas around the university are positively bleak, all the houses being identical, and nearly every building with a "to let" sign on it. But I liked this, which was on the left side of


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