Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Must. Remember. Trash.

Tomorrow is the trash pickup (I have only once in my life lived in a place where you put trash and recycling out for pickup, so this is going to take some adjusting) so I have to remember to take it out, but am suddenly feeling very sleepy. I thought I was conquering jet lag but then last night I woke up at 1am and was up until 4:30am. No good. Today I walked more and while I was wandering, saw this installation in a storefront.

This book was on the front ledge, and I loved what it was opened to. I thought, "interesting! Art in the city..." and then I looked up only to see it was a space that had contacted me a few months ago. Funny the things you stumble upon.

Even though I got out of bed at noon, I could tell the sun was trying to come out and I was determined to ride the Belfast Wheel before it shuts down permanently this weekend. The lines were long; I waited almost 40 minutes but that's how it goes with tourist attractions on holidays. The downtown area was fairly bustling for my expectations, but once 4pm rolled around, things got eerily quiet AND stormy.

This is St. Anne's Cathedral, the anchor for the Cathedral Quarter, which the city is trying to build up as its arts district. The studios aren't far from here. The spire is incongruous but makes for an easy landmark to spot. I walked home through brutal wind through totally dead areas, and tried an Indian takeout place. I talked to a guy there about racism here. The prognosis was not good, but it confirmed my gut instinct. He warned me that no one likes Americans in these parts. Apparently I am living in a super Protestant area w/very few "others" and I have felt that from the start. My entry into the country didn't help matters, but at least I know I'm not being crazy in feeling unwelcome. He recommended visiting other parts of town, esp the parts that I'm told NOT to visit.

I think it's time to take out the trash, take some melatonin, and hope for a semi-normal night of sleep. I've been setting very small daily goals, and have met them all so far.

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