Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great news from Korea

This is my favorite picture from my field work in Korea of Jang Yong-hoon, the father of my hanji teacher. He's watching the beater. I got an email from my teacher today, with the official news (I had known about the unofficial news for months but no one had filled me in yet)!

His father has been selected as the new National Intangible Cultural Property holder in hanji making (that's property No. 117). Wohoo! They have moved their Seoul retail shop to a bigger location and have already expanded many parts of the mill. This is when he helped me set up the vat for my "swamp thing" hanji.

[A rare smile from this septuagenarian. Old pics from my time at his mill here.] Hopefully this will help the Jang family continue a 4-generation-long tradition of fine hanji making. I am such a cheeseball that I couldn't help but make a tiny video to remind the world of what a skilled papermaker he is.

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