Monday, April 26, 2010


Oh, a good studio day is priceless.

I worked on joomchi tests to make hanji yarn; Amber and I have been scheming for a while and I am excited about how things are turning out.

I took a comic I had made for another purpose and documented, and then turned it into yarn. I love recycling everything.

This felt so yummy. All 260 feet of it.

So this, along with a hank of the big spaghetti pile, means I am amassing a decent stash of samples to teach. It was great to work hard on a Sunday, when the studio was totally empty. Lisa stopped in and invited me to go hang out w/other artists but I haven't showered since Thursday and was still on a roll. The pics are here.


mjc said...

Nice to see the process, and the overviews of the studios, thanks. That shop looks lovely, can anyone there use it?

aimee said...

yes--as long as you are cleared to use the equipment (which is basically going thru it with the guy who knows the tools best), you're free to rip!

mjc said...

Lovely, thanks. Maybe I will become a geriatric international applicant.