Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Consumerism trumps sorrow"

This is the memorial for the Smolensk crash victims outside of City Hall. This morning I had this sudden stroke of inspiration, revolving around books of condolence. I was doing a search online for the general term when it came up that Belfast had one that opened this morning. I immediately got my things and headed out of the studio, even though I had just arrived after a morning walk, and went to see it.

Nothing earth shattering. But of course I felt sad. More so outdoors. Elizabeth reminds me of how I am particularly sensitive now b/c Ben is at war, and it's true. I find myself fixated on disaster, death, war, and conflict everywhere. I was walking away from the memorial, thinking about how I've felt sad a lot here, in relation to learning more and more about NI's history.

[This is one half of an ad.] So to deal with my sadness, I walked straight into a store. Eleanor had recommended it b/c it has very nice food, and when I got upstairs, I saw she was right. Very pricey nice food. But I found a box of chocolate chips and got that, and walked back to the studio with a pink bag full of cookies. And then I emailed Ben to tell him about it: exactly the title of this post.

But I did get to work in the studio until a little past five, and met two more artists. I corded this tiny ball of hanji--it had been ready for me about two days after I arrived, and I would carry it with me but I was dreading the work. I finally bucked down and did it today, though my back is now very unhappy with me. I walked back home and am somehow still up to my eyeballs in work. How did I get so busy already?

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Velma Bolyard said...

wow--books of condolences. sounds so right. sorrow.