Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today was a big fat lazy day, which I started out with a movie (last night, too, I finished watching the movies that I couldn't watch on the plane from Tokyo to NYC when American Airlines' stupid video system teased us w/about 15 minutes of the beginnings of movies and then broke down) and a huge omelette. This flock was outside when I took my late afternoon stroll and I bet they're still out there.

Then I called Velma, which was sheer delight: we've only had email communication, so I had been curious as to what her voice sounded like. It's beautiful! We hashed out details on our date tomorrow, when I get a chance to do something other than laze around. This hoop is on the far end of a looping drive that is part of this barracks complex.

After staring at the things I had to do on my computer but not actually doing them, I went upstairs to continue reading Helena's Dangerous Peace-Making (I'm in the North of Ireland chapter), and then take a monster nap. Luckily, no bad dreams. Lately, I've been having incredibly vivid and sometimes horribly violent nightmares - I remember now that they tend to flare up when I get to quiet, peaceful places to sleep. But I really, really wonder how my mind comes up w/some of these scenarios to torture me in my sleep.

I could have easily continued to sleep, but managed to get myself up and out the door - we have summer weather today! Which some people love. I personally prefer something cooler, but braved the sun and marveled again at how this place looks like a postcard.

After stopping at home to grab half of an apple, I walked to town and sat at the harbor before giving into my intense desire for handmade ice cream at the tiny stand behind the saluting soldier. The sun umbrellas were all rainbow colored and the woman who gave me my "small" cone was super nice. I should have gotten the "baby" size but who wants to order a baby cone?? The good news is that Ben is caught up at the office as usual, so I will have no problem waiting for dinner since I am full of chocolate and peanut butter. Vacation would be great if I could just shake the guilt!

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mjc said...,,,good, Vacation,,,is,,,good, (mantra)
Say hi to Velma! I bet you'll have a great time together.