Wednesday, July 22, 2009


[Yes, it's very clear that I took a lot of pictures today and that I have a lot of time to blog.] This house is for sale! It's right on the water.

It's just a few steps away from this battlefield site. The workers are chipping away the old paint on this building, which used to be the home or headquarters to some navy honcho. I think. I didn't actually read the signs.

Our 7th grade history teacher traveled all over the US taking pictures of these signs and would constantly show us slides of them in class.

Now it's my turn! [I never thought this would happen to me...terrorizing the innocent with slides of signs.]

I don't have a plane ticket back home yet, and wish I could fly into LGA but fear it will be JFK. This is part of the complex of barracks around here. There are historical war figures that hung out here, too, but I thought I'd throw in a NYC reference for fun.

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