Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sentinels and drapery

There are tons of cats around here. This is why Ben won't let me keep the front door open to ventilate.

The tower from yesterday's view.

The other tower from yesterday.

There are guard posts at all the entrances to this residential area b/c they used to be barracks. Most of them have graffiti and empty beer bottles inside instead of guards.

I like this bridge.

These ribbons are all over the main street in town.

I told Ben that if there is ice cream in the freezer, I will eat all of it. I hadn't opened the freezer until last night to get him some ice, and that's when I saw the ice cream. Let's see how long I go w/o touching it.

I think a flag business would do really well in this town. I see them everywhere.

This double set reminds me of the mail art piece I sent to Jacklyn.

White picket fence businesses would also do very well here.

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